Whiten teeth fast and with no damage

By 20 January 2017

To have white teeth is something that all of us wish for, yet this very desirable result, usually comes hand in hand with teeth damage. Well, I’m one of those persons that doesn’t have a cover magazine smile and also doesn’t have a very strong enamel. Lucky me, huh? Yet, I know that I’m not the only one with this problem, therefore I decided to try some natural, damage free tricks that would whiten teeth and share the impressions with you.

After research I decided not to include baking soda (this sounds crazy, right?) because, especially if you have a thin enamel, it can be very damaging. Also, the thinner the enamel gets, the yellower your teeth will become (the inside of the tooth is quite yellowish by nature, so a transparent shell doesn’t help). Anyway, let’s get to business:

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