Neck Alignment Exercise

By 30 January 2017

Next Step: Mobility
Once you have loosened the soft tissue and prepped your neck for movement, restore proper range of motion with these mobility exercises. Employ any stretching technique you prefer:

Static Stretch
Dynamic Stretching
PNF Stretching
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Neck Mobility – The Basic Range of Motion for the Neck

Neck Mobility – Head Circles

Neck Mobility – Shoulder Shrugs affecting the Trapezius

Neck Mobility – Neck Flexion Stretch

Neck Mobility – Lateral Flexion Stretch for the Neck and Trapezius Muscles

Neck Mobility – Neck Extension Stretch

Neck Mobility – Rotated Neck Stretches

Last Step: Alignment
Now that your soft tissue is loosened up and stretched out, it will be easier to realign your head and neck into proper positioning.

Here are two simple techniques:
Neck Alignment – The Chin Tuck
Tucking the Chin
Place your fingers on your chin as you gaze at the horizon. Next, use your fingers and press your chin back in towards your throat as if you are intentionally giving yourself a double chin.

It is a common mistake to drop the head forward when you push your chin in towards your throat. Keep your eyes on the horizon and lengthen the back of the neck as you grow tall through the spine.

Hand on Back of the Head
Place a hand on the back of your head so it covers the rear bulge of your skull. Next, lift the bulge of the skull up toward the sky to lengthen the back of the neck as you tuck your chin in towards your throat.

Again, don’t let your head dip forward. Keep your eyes on the horizon and stay tall through your spine.

PreHab Exercises: Neck Alignment Exercise
Neck Stability – Neck Retraction Exercise against a Hand

Pain in the Neck
You know those does when things just don’t seem to go your way and everyone else in the world is just a pain in your neck? The line at Starbuck’s is way too long. You’re stuck at a traffic light behind some one, who doesn’t seem to know how to make a left turn. Well, you’ve probably already heard this, but a simple adjustment in your own attitude can make all the difference. Instead of being frustrated with other coffee lovers, you can appreciate that some one else will make you a cup of coffee that you will enjoy. Instead of sighing at the hesitant car in front of you, you can be grateful that you driving as opposed to taking the bus.

A little change in attitude or perspective can make a world of difference and this is the same for you neck and head as well. If you can improve the alignment and mobility of your neck and head, your can drastically improve how you move from head to toe. Restrictions in this area will only trigger a hot of compensations strategies that your body will take on in all of its movement patterns. It’s simply a matter of physics.

Practicing these mobility exercises will restore the alignment of your head and neck as well as for the rest of your body. It’s a no-brainer.

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