How I Lost 80 Pounds This Year

By 30 January 2017

4- Shop wholesale, use Subscribe and Save, and coupon.

I’ve found that wholesale often have the best deals on healthy foods I need in bulk. But often they don’t have everything I need.

I’ll order PB2, and Protein powders monthly through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save (it has discounted prices and free shipping) there are options to set it to come each month, two months, or skip months if you haven’t used up what you thought you would.

If the items are cheaper at a regular grocery store and I can get the quantity I’m looking for there I’ll use sales and coupons (here is a beginners guide to couponing) to save that way too.

5- Save on produce.

I’ve found (in my area) that Rancho Markets have very inexpensive produce along with another store called Sprouts. Getting produce through co-ops, growing it yourself, and/or buying it at the end of the day at Farmers markets can be very inexpensive as well. Depending on the item, wholesale and grocery stores often have sales and/or coupons that make saving on produce possible as well.

6- Buy used clothing or clothing that will last you through a few sizes.

If you are losing weight (especially if it is over 20 pounds of weight loss) you will go through multiple sizes of clothing—which can be expensive. My recommendation is to get clothing at really nice neighborhood garage and yard sales (tutorial on how to do that here) or at thrift stores.

Shirts/tops will fit through more sizes than pants. For women who want to save on pants I’d recommend buying maternity jeans, leggings, jeggings, and ponte pants. Maternity jeans (favorite brand is Lilac maternity jeans found here) are often very stylish these days and made by brandname companies. They look just like regular jeans but instead of a button they have a stretchy elastic top. Leggings and jeggings, and ponte pants stretch a lot too. My absolute favorite jeggings/ponte pant can be found here—they even have pockets which is unbelievable handy for cell phones! These four types of pants are not only very comfortable and acceptable to wear in public, but they can accommodate 2-4 size changes!

For women, I suggest reading this bra fitting guide and making sure that you are in the right size of bra for your size. If you anticipate going through a few sizes in bras I’d recommend buying one bra and a sports bra. You can wash one while wearing the other and they should last a few months while you go from one size to the next.

7- When eating out, share or eat less than half of the portion.

Typically restaurant portions are large. Unless it is a salad or something that is very healthy, I’ll take half home for my next meal. This saves quite a bit.

8- Stop buying junk foods and soda.

Not only is it difficult to lose weight with these types of foods around, they are typically expensive. That said, I do think it is wise to have some craving busters on hand to avoid a ‘shake run.’ I’d just recommend not having many.

9- Make meals from home and meal plan.

Planning out what you are going to eat and when can help you budget better and save on food.

10- If you buy organic food read how to save hundreds on organic foods.

I really do think that organic food tastes much better and helps your body utilize nutrients more efficiently. I believe that organic food is a great way to ensure quality and feel satisfied. So if you are an organic fan, I’d recommend reading the article linked above.

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