How I Lost 80 Pounds This Year

By 30 January 2017


Losing weight is a very difficult and often expensive thing to do.  I’ve gained and lost weight multiple times in my life due to pregnancies, knee surgeries, and other life changes.  As always, I try to be frugal and save where I can. There are many ways to make losing weight less draining on the pocket book. Here are 15 of them…

1- Use what you already have.

Unless your workout clothes and shoes don’t fit or are completely worn out and you don’t have the necessary items you need, then I’d highly recommend using the clothing, dishes, and equipment you already have.

2- Get free music and workout videos if possible.

Streaming a good workout station from Pandora is a free way to get great music. Using workouts on YouTube, videos, or on TV is another great way to save.

3- Don’t buy a gym membership with a contract unless you will regularly go.

Gym memberships can be amazing things to have, but I caution those who aren’t regular gym goers to avoid long term contracts. If you prefer to work out at home or outside, then avoid paying for the gym altogether. If you know for sure that you will make great use of it, I’d buy the non-contract monthly or daily passes until you are in the habit of regularly going. After you have been regularly going for at least a month or two then a yearly membership may be a great way to save.  I love working out from home to workout DVDs (Winsor Pilates is my favorite).

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