Home Remedies to Remove Hair Under the Chin

By 30 January 2016
  • Sugar method is also very effective way to get rid of hairs on the chin or any other part of the face. Take a tablespoon of sugar in a vessel, now add couple of drops of lemon juice in it and also a teaspoon of honey. Mix all of them and get this mixture a little heat so it becomes a paste. You need to apply this warm paste on the chin where you need to pluck out the hair. Make sure not to use this paste when it is cold. You must use it when it is warm. Cover the chin with a strip of cloth and immediately pull the piece of cloth in the opposite direction of the hair i.e. if your hairs are growing downwards, you need to pull the cloth upwards. This method is a little painful and could leave some redness for a little time. But in order to get the hairs removed, you need to do this and see the magic yourself.