Get rid of ingrown hairs

By 23 January 2017

If you have or ever had ingrown pubic hair then you do not have to be told how much of a pain in the neck it can be. On the list of Top Ten worst things in life it may not make the list but it is an annoyance regardless.

The ingrown hairs are itch, irritate and can be unsightly. For some they become inflamed, turning into red bumps or even pustules, causing both embarrassment and discomfort.

Generally those with curly, coarse hair suffer most from an ongoing problem with ingrown hairs, but everyone who waxes, tweezes or shaves will be faced with them at some time.

What Causes Razor Bumps or Ingrown Hairs?

They usually appear in areas where you frequently shave, for example a woman’s legs, bikini or underarm area and a man’s face.

They occur when you remove, cut or break hair below the skin’s surface, when the hair curls back on itself and grows back into the follicle, or when it remains within the follicle.

Often you can see the hair under the skin, where it may resemble a blackhead. If you pluck it, the uncoiled hair can be surprisingly long.

Get Rid of Them by Freeing Them

Your aim is to uncurl the tip allowing the hair to continue growing above the surface of your skin without actually removing the hair.

To do this, gently exfoliate the area daily, removing the dead skin which blocks the hair from escaping. Vary the direction of your brushing which should be vigorous enough to expose the hair without drawing blood.

Should you ever catch sight of a loop of hair peeking out, it is one which has curled back into the hair follicle. Thread a needle or similar sharp instrument into the curl and gently pull until the one end of the hair is freed.

Despite the hair being visible, it’s sometimes quite deep. If you’re like me, it’s overly tempting to gouge them out. My ingrown hairs are on the outside of my upper calf, so although I’m sometimes left with nicks, they haven’t left noticeable marks. (Or possibly I haven’t looked with my specs on!)

The correct procedure if an ingrown hair stubbornly remains buried, is to soak a face-cloth in hot water. Wring it out before placing it over the area to soften the skin.

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