Facial mask with Botox effect. Cheap and easy to make

By 19 January 2017

via bellegirlsguide.com


In this modern age and time when having ageless beauty is possible; more people are becoming interested in surgeries and other cosmetic procedures to fight the signs of ageing. However, cosmetic procedures often come with a hefty price. Depending on the type of surgery, the price in the UK may reach as high as £ 7,000. Sometimes, it may even cost more when the procedure goes wrong. But is it worth going under the knife for a substantial amount of money all in the name of beauty?

Botox is another cosmetic procedure, which is non-surgical. It is done by injecting botulinim toxin – a paralyzing neurotoxin – into facial muscles to treat muscle spasms and, well, remove the wrinkles. People with deep wrinkles, especially around the eyes use this method to remove the lines. Since Botox prevents muscle constraction, it limits the movement of the face, which eventually limit facial expressions. The effect of Botox may last up to 4 months, depending on the amount of toxin injected in the face, and the person’s ability to respond to the bacterium. Like any other cosmetic procedures, Botox is also expensive, which can range up to $800 and probably more, depending on the needs. The bad thing though is that the procedure is not always effective for everyone. Some report having their Botox lasts only for a week, so at the end of the day, it’s still a trial and error experiment. So, is your money worth it at all?

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